Portable Rectifier

Incoming AC power is stepped down, isolated and rectified to a controlled DC output. Input overload and short circuit protection is provided by magnetic-trip supplementary protection device, output protection by magnetic-trip supplementary protection device in the transformer secondary.

Primary AC/DC lightning protection is provided by high energy Metal Oxide Varistor (M.O.V.) arrestors; secondary surge suppression by disk-style M.O.V’s. Output control using 25-steps of tap adjustment, gives ample control to output settings.

Conservatively rated full-wave diode bridge assemblies coupled to a high performance transformer combine to yield an efficient and reliable test rectifier for Cathodic Protection applications.

Features :

  • Adjustable timer interrupter circuit
  • Separate continuous reading 2-1/2” DC meters digital meters optional
  • AC / DC lightning surge protection on all models.
  • Transformer constructed to Class “H” temperature requirements. Minimum efficiency of 95%
  • Dual cooling fans


  • Single phase inputs: 115
  • Minimum 25-steps of tap link bar adjustment
  • Magnetic trip supplementary protection device on AC/DC for full overload and short circuit protection
  • Available voltage range 60 volts DC max
  • Operating ambient: -40°C to 45°C. Cooling by forced air convection
  • Enclosure is a red and lockable with side and top carrying handles (not rated)

The test rectifier consists of a medium power silicon rectifier mounted on an appropriate heat sink in a small molded case.

The test rectifier is a compact, portable piece of test equipment designed for calibration testing of the second harmonic restraint feature of differential or overcurrent relays.

Portable Rectifier


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