Air Blowars

A blower is a rotary, positive displacement type of machine used to move gas and air and is used in a variety of methods. Rotary blowers and positive displacement blowers are just two of several types that are available. Gardner Denver offers a wide range of blowers such as regenerative, reciprocating, rotary lobe and centrifugal blowers. They are available in single or multistage versions.

Blowers, as different in size, performance or technology, offer reliable service for our customers' applications.

Centrifugal Fans and Blowers typically have one of six types of wheels that draw the air into the inlet of the blower housing, through the wheel, and discharges it at 90 degrees out through the discharge of the housing.

The two most common types of Centrifugal Blowers:

These are available in different types:-

  • Pressure Blowers
  • Volume Blowers

In our range of air pollution control equipment we offer centrifugal blowers and fume exhaust systems. Air handling equipment play a vital role in chemical, refining, pharmaceuticals & various industries where poisonous & corrosive gases laden with vapors & particulates have to be handled. Our specialized...

Air Blowers


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