About us

About Us

Our production facilities cover all cities and are located in Jodhpur, Falna Distt. Pali, Jaipur, Rohtak and Haridwar, with a national sales and service to our customers.

Manufactures of: All Electroplating Plant, Rectifiers, Rubber Lining, P.V.C, Zink Barrel, Casting Barrel, Hydro etc.

R.I. Metal Works is the power of India. larger well production facilities comprise in India since 1994.

These are available in different types:-The confidence our customers have in us is a clear indication of the quality and service we provide. All equipments are manufactured under strict quality control measures and under strenuous testing.

Contact Person:

Jodhpur - Mukul Bhandari

Falna Distt. Pali - Mukul Bhandari

Jaipur - Mukul Bhandari

Rohtak - Alok Srivastava

Haridwar - Alok Srivastava